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2018 bare rooted Grapevine availability updated September 11, 2017

Place your  2018 & 2019 grapevine order now to ensure availability. 

Please contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for and we will see if we can propagate your needs as potted vines or source them for you from the United States. USA imported vine prices are in US funds.

Items marked with * are imported from Europe.

Items marked with ** are imported and sold at a slightly higher rate due to increased supplier costs.

(Availability is subject to change and needs to be verified when the order is placed)


Baco Noir Own Root Pinot Blanc on 3309
Cabernet Sauvignon 191 on 5BB Rene Blanc on 3309
Chardonnay 95 on SO4 Rene Bleu on 3309
Chardonnay 96 on SO4 Rene Bleu Own Root
* Chardonnay 124 on 101-14 Riesling 49 on 3309
Chardonnay 548 on SO4 Riesling 49 on SO4
Chardonnay 548 on 5BB Riesling 239 on 3309
Concord Own Root Riesling 239 on SO4
Corvina on 101-14 Riesling 21B on 3309
Frontenac Blanc on Own Root * Riesling 21B on 3309
Frontenac Gris on 3309 * Riesling 21B on SO4
Frontenac Noir on Riparia Gloire Sauvignon Blanc 159 on SO4
Frontenac Noir Own Root * Sauvignon Blanc 242 on 101-14
Gamaret on 3309 * Sauvignon Blanc 242 on SO4
Geisenheim 322 on SO4 Sauvignon Blanc 530 on 101-14
Gewurztraminer 47 on 3309 Sauvignon Blanc 530 on 3309
Gewurztraminer 47 on SO4 Seyval Blanc on Riparia Gloire
GR7 Own Root Seyval Noir on 3309
La Crescent on Riparia Gloire Seyval Noir Own Root
Lemberger on 101-14 St. Pepin on Riparia Gloire
Leon Millot on SO4 Sovereign Coronation Own Root
Lucy Kuhlman Own Root Sultanine on 3309
Louise Swenson on 3309 Syrah 1 on SO4
Marechal Foch on Riparia Gloire Syrah 174 on SO4
Marechal Foch on SO4 Vidal on 3309
Marechal Foch Own Root Vidal on SO4
Melon de Bourgogne on 3309 Vidal on SO4
Merlot 181 on SO4 Vidal Own Root
* Merlot 343 on SO4 Vidal Own Root
New York Muscat on 3309 Viognier 642 on Riparia Gloire
New York Muscat Own Root Viognier 642 on Riparia Gloire
Petite Arvine on 3309 Viognier 642 on 3309
Petite Milo on 3309 Zweigelt on 101-14
Petite Verdot 400 on 3309 Zweigelt on 3309